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The web portal is filled with crazy dating sites and app promotions. Be it for courtship or casual dating, there are endless options available for users to try. However, not all settle to be the best or most effective ones. We are going to introduce to you a dating site that has rose up the market effectively. This post is regarding POF Login Plenty of Fish Sign In Official web portal for all our readers.

Plenty of Fish (POF) is an online dating service that is very popular in the some of the parts of the world. It originated at Vancouver, British Columbia, in Canada. The site and app are available for Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States. If you want to catch your fish, then this is the place to be.

We are going to discuss the details on POF Sign In and Login so that our readers can readily enter and make use of the service.

About PlentyOfFish Dating website

About POF Login Web Portal

There are statistics which reveal there is more traffic on social media, the internet, and websites for dating or casual interaction than any other purpose. Despite this fact, there are really less success ratios for any website or application to turn up the heat. Plenty of Fish is one service that encounters millions of users through its 14 years span of service.

Markus Frind is the CEO and founder of POF who graduated with a diploma from British Columbia Institute of Technology in Computer Systems Technology. There were times when the service was accused of inappropriate safety for the privacy of user’s details. The service database was hacked and the company faced great loss at that time. However, the dating site still fuels lives of the western countries and it is a trendy portal for all.

However, the dating site still fuels lives of the western countries and it is a trendy portal for all. There are more than 80 million users in active registration for the service. The services are free but a premium version is applied for all to access the benefits as in Tinder, to make a match and see who has checked out your profile. It has been ranked number 1 dating site in UK and Worldwide in 2011.

With POF Login, the users will be able to easily mingle and select profiles that match with their choices. The system determines suggestions with respect to the input described by the user. If a user is interested in matching with a profile, he/she can send a gesture to the other person. If they reply, a match is created. After this, the premium users can easily engage in private conversations as per their wish.

The process to use the app is really easy. We have elaborated the same later in this post, however, we are keen to describe the POF Login procedure to all our readers here first. So, move on to the next section of this post to understand the profile setup and POF Sign In through its official web portal.

POF Sign In

POF Sign In and Login Procedure

Well, Folks! To get started with the dating process, you will need to first exist in the web portal of PlentyOfFish. For that, you simply need to create an account on the site and prepare a decent profile for people to read about you. The POF Sign In process is easy and needs to be done only once. Here are the steps to get through the Sign-up and the login processes;

  • Firstly, go to the main website of Plenty Of Fish. Here is the link to get you there directly.
  • You will see the description page and on the title menu bar, you will find the “Register” tab towards the right end of the page.
  • When you select register, a form will load up that you need to fill in with your details.
  • Enter the desired Username, Password, Email Address, Date of Birth, Gender, Country, and Ethnicity. Then enter the security code as visible in the Captcha and click “Continue” to proceed.
  • Once your account is ready, you can log in and setup your profile.
  • To log in, move to the main web page and enter the Username with the appropriate password in the login box.
  • Click on “Check Mail” tab to enter your account and you will see the notifications, profile and other options.
  • To manage your profile, enter the respective option and edit pictures, introduction, preferences, etc.

After the setup of your account, you can begin using the web site to search, meet, inbox, Online members, and other respective tools intended for the members. This web portal use is for free to all the users who sign up, however, you can get the additional advantage by upgrading your account to the premium version.

POF Premium Benefits

POF Premium Upgrade Benefits

If you are keen to make a date and meet your matches, then you will have to be a little patient. Be it a male or a female, the matchmaking process is really not that easy. There are various factors including your profile that adds a caliber to your image. The premium upgrade is something that will help users through the dating process for sure.

The POF Premium cost $81.40 for an annual subscription or $51 for a half-yearly subscription. The best way to increase your chances for a date is to upgrade your membership. Being a Premium member, there are several advantages that will make speed up your dating experience and truly get your game on the track.

Below are some of the benefits that the premium member is liable to achieve;

  • Users will be able to upload up to 16 images on their profile.
  • They can know if the email was read or not opened at all.
  • Premium members show up before the other members on ‘Meet me!’ tools.
  • The major advantage is that the portal and app will be ad-free for Premium members.
  • Also, members will be able to send 3 gifts each day.
  • Users will be able to check out profiles of those who viewed their profile and the date & time when they did it.
  • Additionally, the users will be able to check out people who want to meet them.

Hence, as you can see, users will have a great advantage in dating with the help of the Premium version. Try out the free version for some time but you will soon see the need to switch to premium membership too. If you have more questions regarding the premium membership of the account, then contact here.

POF Mobile App

POF Mobile App Download

Other than the Website portal of Plenty Of Fish, the developers have successfully come up with the Smartphone app for the same. Users can now make the POF Login via their smartphone using the mobile application. The app is configured to support the users with ease of swiping choices, viewing profiles, chatting, and more.

The two major OS platforms in the market are the Android and iOS which almost every user in the world owns. Luckily, PlentyOfFish App is available for both on their respective official app stores. Here are the links to download and install POF Mobile App for Android and iOS devices;

After downloading the app on your smartphone device, you will simply have to launch it and enter the Username and password for your account. If you have not registered, select “Sign up” tab on the screen and follow the steps as explained in the sign-up section of the article. We are confident that using the POF Mobile App will surely make the dating process faster as it becomes convenient to receive notifications and send emails.

POF Login

Features of POF Login

Before we wrap up this post, we would like to define the important features of this dating service. There are plenty of points that you have read above and there are some more that you will get to know here. So, below are the points that define the feature of POF;

  • The application is free as we stated for users in the western countries. Users can voluntarily upgrade to the Premium membership to enjoy better services.
  • The app allows easy communication through emails to your match.
  • Search for matches from around the dating portal who would interest you.
  • Check out people’s first profile and engage for a match to know them better.
  • POF is safe and secure from malware and privacy hacks.
  • Moreover, users can send and receive messages from matches and use the portal as a personal chat messenger.

There is an article that claims POF as the dating site to give a million babies to the world. The matches and bonds created at POF are meant to last for long if the users wish to keep it so. However, there is also much more room for casual meetings, friendships, and adventure.

This brings us to the end of our post now. We hope that our readers enjoyed going through the details of POF login Plenty Of Fish Sign In Official here. If there are any queries, send them in at poflogin.me. Thank you, dear readers.